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A standing-desk was formed out of piled-up white (paper) sheets. A monitor was build in in a way that its surface became the platform which is usually used to put the papers of the lecturer.

A video is shown on the monitor and sound is heard. The video shows a sentence, black on white, Times font, scrolling from left to right in the same speed as the sentence is pronounced. From various lecturers on new media this sentence was constructed. Emphasized catch words like "cyberspace, network, interdisciplinarity, telecommunication, video, virtual reality, kybernetische serendipität, global civilization..." have been combined to a sentence which can be looped by keeping its logic.

Listening to the utopian words coming out of the traditional standing-desk made out of paper... this was the anachronism in 1992 when new media have been praised as the most efficient and convincing information and communication tools by read off speeches and theorists who sometimes even did not know how to use a computer...

This, for sure, has changed....yes?