Der Tag des Malers (The Day Of The Painter) //// A Film of Werner Nekes //// 35 mm, 84 min., col., optical sound, 1997 ////
First screening: 54. Mostra Internazionale D'Arte Cinematografica, Venice
Digital Image Processing: Rajele Jain ////
This film is the film of Werner Nekes. I can only talk about my part for it, the digital image processing.

Digital image processing for a 35 mm film...on a Macintosh in my small 1996...yes, it took a lot of time.

Digital image processing for a 35 mm film...working with a famous experimental film maker, who was not yet familiar with working digitally ...

all aspects appeared which are still not solved in the public discussions about the connection/relation between film and video:
- attraction to the powerful digital tools (as they seemed to be)
- the rememberings of the beginning of experimental film, the painting, cutting, layering and so on...
- the understanding what means rendering..
- the fascination of seeing video effects (mostly on small monitors) in film format
- the aim to receive a painted film or a moving painting...

There are still people who think that a film is a film if it was shot on film and a video is a video if it was shot on video material. Today we have completely computer generated films and video can be easily combined with 35 mm or other film formats, getting a "film look" and are not distinguishable anymore.
For my opinion it could be sufficient to define film as moving images in a specific order and meant to be seen from the first to the last frame continuously. The distinction to video in video installations, interactive media, supervision cameras or whatever video can be used for, would then be obvious.