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The reality of war is not about feelings -

you never know when you might live or

you might die - you never know

and so - you are constantly in this state -

and then, that combat, the fighting, starts,

explodes - bang - suddenly is fighting

it was - they were trying to kill me and -

the reality of war is not about feelings -

it is not about hate, it is not about

anything like this - it is about you have

threatened my life and my job is to save my life

or to save my friends' life during the way

to get rid of it - simple -

no, it is not about feelings, it is a sort of

calculism, it is like business - business

is not about feelings, it is just about

making money - it doesn't matter what costs -

it is just about making money - how people

feel - what happens to the planet - it doesn't

matter - it is about making money - that is

just the truth of it - this was not about

politics - this was about one to one staying

alive - doing whatever was necessary to stay

alive - it wasn't about what is all

the debate in politics - war is never really

about politics for the soldier, it is merely

staying alive - because we don't feel -

to kill you have to stop feeling - to destroy

you have to stop feeling -

because it is not possible to have feelings

and to kill people.

(from a mc, which I had found by chance. different interviews have been recorded on it. the text written above was said by claude thomas, as I found out later. the voice and the words impressed me a lot, so I just made images to it which supported the sound without disturbing it. this video and the sound became the project "Not About Feelings" 1996)